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Property Developers Package

If you’ve already made up your mind and you know that property development is for you,
then the 2022 Property Developers Package is the best way for you to move forward and
BE a property developer. The 2022 Property Developers Package includes all of our
structured courses, both live, face-to-face, and online, everything we offer other than our
mentoring programme.

‘The Package includes the Property Development Fundamentals On-Demand Webinar,
the Property Development Fundamentals One Day Workshop, the Property
Development Advanced Fundamentals Three Day Workshop
, the Property
Development Feasibility One Day Specialised Workshop
, the Site Acquisition One Day
Specialised Workshop
and our premier online training programme, the Property
Development Pentagon Program

All our live, face-to-face training events, including our specialised workshops on Feasibility
and Site Acquisition, our Advanced workshop, and our premier online Pentagon Program; all

There’s $8,202 value in this package; however, if you’ve made up your mind already, then |
would like to offer you a super special discount of only $4,044 AND a payment plan where
your initial investment is $2,022 followed by a further $2,022 a month later.

There has never been a better time than now to BE a property developer. Why? Because
education takes time and the longer you wait, the less time you will have to benefit from your

$8,202.00 $4,044.00 (2xMTH PAYMENTS)

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