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Property Development Feasibility Workshop

How do property developers sort through potential property development sites quickly and efficiently? How do they work out how much to pay for a site? How do they work out how much interest they will pay during a project? How do property developers know how much profit they will make?

Property Development Feasibility Workshop is a one day event that takes you through the three (3) forms of feasibility:

  1. The high level feasibility (residual land value (RLV) calculator);
  2. The static feasibility; and
  3. The cashflow.

Learn how to do a RLV calculation to see whether a potential site is worth pursuing, and at what price.

Learn how to explore, with more detail, whether your negotiations are on track for you to make the profit you thought you would make (static feasibility).

Learn how to create a cashflow that will become your business plan and business model (project budget) for the delivery of your project (cashflow).

No experience is required to do this course as we take you from no knowledge all the way through to the expert level feasibility in one day.

Property Development Feasibility Workshop is another exclusive to Property Development Institute!

Your presenter for the course is Steve Chandler. Steve is third generation property developer. He is a guest lecturer at two (2) of Australia’s most prestigious universities, presents corporate property development training across Australia on behalf of the property industry’s peak representative body, and is the author of numerous books on building and property development. Steve’s 40 years’ experience is the critical success factor in the course. Learning from an active industry participant is essential to the learning process.

This is our most recently created property development course. Property Development Institute has numerous property development courses available to assist you BE a property developer.

We have learned so much and got an abundance of valuable information from the work shop. Value for money was absolutely there for us. We are so happy that we made this decision, the insight into the property development industry from your knowledge and experience was an eye opener. Thank you for sharing so many of your contacts with us and offering your ongoing support, this will definitely help us. We are now much more confident going forward into bigger projects on our own.“ Joseph B (attendee)

Having done multiple property development training courses I can say he is a world class educator with a tonne of experience“. Peter A (attendee)


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