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Property Development Pentagon Program

If you have ever wanted to BE a property developer then this is the ultimate course for you. There are five fundamentals of property development that you will learn:

1 – Acquisition;
2 – Feasibility;
3 – Authorities;
4 – Revenue; and
5 – Delivery.

Property Development Pentagon teaches people who want to BE property develops about the five fundamentals of property development and how to BE a property developer without much money.

The course starts with the first fundamental which is “acquisition”. You will learn the various methods of acquiring development sites, including without needing much money. We also teach how to acquire the “right” property. Please note that we use the word “acquire” instead of “buy” because there is a significant difference between them in property development terms and risk.

The next fundamental we address is “feasibility” which is critical to a successful outcome. The three forms of feasibility are discussed and the importance of cost and revenue. If you don’t know if it is feasible to acquire a property for development before you acquire it you could get yourself into serious financial problems.

The third fundamental is “authorities”. Without an approval from the relevant authority you don’t have a development project. But there are more than one approval to achieve before your project is finished and you must know how to obtain these other approvals.

The fourth fundamental that we teach is “revenue”. You must know how to maximize your revenue on your project and how to get the money into your bank account as soon as possible after completion. There are strategies that can be applied to make this process virtually seamless.

The final fundamental that you must learn is “delivery”. You must deliver on your promises to your purchasers and there are many forms of construction contracts and agreements that you need to understand which affect both time and cost.

Each fundamental builds on the fundamental before. Before you acquire a site you need to know about feasibility, authorities, revenue and delivery, they are all interrelated.

The program works in a progressive manner. There are 23 video modules that you are sent access to one at a time three days apart. There is too much information to deliver in one day and when you receive each module progressively it allows you time to think about the content of the module before learning about the next one.

Each module has a PowerPoint presentation that you can download and use to take notes on.

There has never been a better time to BE a property developer than now. Global populations are rising and people need to be housed. It only takes one project for you to BE a property development millionaire. Why wait? Start your program today and BE a property developer.

AUD $4,417.00 (before Promo code)

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