Best Property Development Training Provider 2020 Australia – Build Real Estate and Property Awards

What an honour to first be nominated and then to win the Best Property Development Provider 2020 Australia Award.

When you consider the number of training providers there are in Australia and that a number of them are industry representative firms with tens of thousands of members and their employees, to win this award is a fantastic achievement.

Steve Chandler’s 40 years’ experience in the property development field has contributed to our success; that and the fact that he is a third generation property developer.

With COVID-19 affecting businesses across the globe, Property Development Institute went fully online in February 2020 delivering training courses via live stream whilst others were wondering what they should do.

At Property Development Institute we also used the COVID shutdown period to create two new training courses, Site Acquisition Workshop and Feasibility Workshop, which we commenced delivering in late 2020.

We also created a course specifically addressing with the NSW Low Rise Housing Diversity Code to help those interested in undertaking development without needing to obtain Development Consent from council.

But we haven’t stopped there, we are again preparing new courses for 2021 and looking at ways to help people get started in property development or to improve their skills.

Whilst 2020 has been a very difficult year, we have used our time wisely to create more value for you, our clients, and we look forward to seeing you at a course in the near future.

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