“Property development is a learnt skill; you’re not born with it” and who better to learn from than an award winning property development trainer?

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Why has the Property Development Institute won so many awards? Because every course has been created by its founder, Steve Chandler, a 3rd generation property developer with over 40 years’ experience.

If you truly want to BE a property developer then learn from an active property developer that creates award winning training.

Steve Chandler has been immersed in the property development industry for over 40 years. As a third-generation property developer, you could say that development is in Steve’s blood. In addition to creating and delivering the training courses for the Property Development Institute, Steve remains an active property developer in his own right. He scoops up an armful of awards for his training courses each year and is also the author of several books on his chosen subject. Titles include Property Development for Beginners and The Property Development Sequence.

Whether you’ve yet to begin your property development journey, are ready to get your hands dirty, or are looking to build on your existing skills and knowledge, the Property Development Institute has a course for you. The company also provides bespoke training packages for companies looking to train their teams.

Steve says, “Many people believe that making a profit from property development is easy, but that’s the reason many end up losing money. We base our training on experience, not theory. Many of our clients come to us wanting to leverage the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed to date. They’re looking to build their nest egg into a substantial property portfolio. The primary age group of our clients is from 35 to 54, both male and female.”

Property development is a learnt skill; you’re not born with it” and who better to learn from than an award winning property development trainer? Learn property development from Steve Chandler, a third generation property developer with over 40 years’ experience.

Steve Chandler

Each of the Property Development Institute’s courses is based on the five fundamentals of property development. Courses start at a level that requires no prior knowledge and build to an advanced level. And it doesn’t end there. When graduates are ready to take their next steps into the world of property development, Steve offers a side-by-side mentoring service.

Steve says, “We’ve designed our 12-month mentoring programme to help our clients achieve their property development goals. It’s highly flexible, which means we can mould it around the needs of the individual. For example, some people may have challenges in finding the right site, whereas others may already have the site, or have started their project already. Needs are always different as no two projects, or individuals are ever the same. We are happy to flex to suit their requirements and be by their side to help and offer advice along the way.”

The Property Development Institute’s approach to training is a simple one — teach people what they need to know.

Steve tells us, “Our focus is not on making money from the training we provide. We want to educate people so that they can achieve their goals. We do not use sales tactics to make people buy the next course. And we don’t sell the dream. We offer genuine, realistic, helpful and valid property development education that includes both the risks and the rewards. This is our USP.”

“One rule that we share with people is that if you develop 6 new dwellings then at least one of them will be yours, debt-free. That’s if you source your development site appropriately and deliver the project using the five fundamentals of property development.”

Following its success in Australia, the company has just launched in the USA. Its goal – to expand across the USA and then into the UK.

Steve explains, “The rest of 2023 will see us continue to deliver our training in Australia, grow our reach into the USA, and help people change their lives forever.”

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