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At our workplaces, we have processes and procedures that manage us and prevent us from losing control of whatever we are doing—well, most of the time anyway. At home, we always “know best”; yet often we don’t. This is very true when it comes to personal property development projects, particularly the first one.

As a businessperson, you might be at the top of your field, but when it comes to your first property development project, I doubt you’d be anywhere near that!

Some of us think that because we are handy, we will understand how property development works, whilst others who aren’t handy and are in management roles think that they won’t have trouble with the issues that arise. They feel that they will be able to manage and control the situation. (How they can think this about an industry they don’t understand, I’m not sure.) Potentially, a few of us can actually do this, but it takes monumental courage and conviction—not to mention a very substantial amount of time. Time’s a problem if you also have a full-time job.

In this book, Steve explains the property development process and why things may go wrong, and he offers insights into how he might potentially avoid or rectify problems. Steve hopes you enjoy the read and learn a little about the building and property development industry that takes people and transforms them into the people who create our icons of success: the places we call home, an investment, or work.


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