How Property Developers Make Money

If you believe everything you hear, all property developers drive around in Ferraris and Lamborghinis but that’s not true.

But how can so many property developers drive expensive cars and live in great homes? That’s simple, they know how to develop and they know how to develop profitably!

Just like any other career, property development must be learnt to be able to reap the rewards of that career.

To be able to make money in property development there are a number of factors that you will need to deal with. First is education; you must know the fundamentals of property development, and that’s why all our courses are teaching people the 5 fundamentals of property development.

Next you must obtain experience. I would not be starting with a skyscraper project, but I would be starting! Start small, perhaps with an apartment renovation then graduate into larger projects. Learn with something that has limited potential losses if you get it wrong. Don’t be ashamed of starting this way, it’s where I started and what O learnt was amazingly helpful for the next project, and the one after that etc.

In my YouTube video below (click on the image), I share my views on how property developers make their money.

Education and practice, these things will help you make money with property development. Minimise your risk by learning what you can before you start and then take that next step. If you have already started and are worried you need to learn more, then head back to training. Continuing professional development is essential for us all to stay at the top of our profession.

Property Development Institute is here to help you with your property development education though any one of our courses but probably best of all, we offer a limited number of 12 month mentoring places each year where you get to spend 12 months with Steve.

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