How to BE a property developer without any money

This is the single most common question that I am asked.

So let’s take a look at the problem that is raised, the lack of money. Money is everywhere and virtually everyone has some money to pay for everyday living expenses, so we know you have some money. Perhaps you don’t have millions, but you definitely have enough to consider being a property developer, if you had more, of course.

Therefore, the real issue to be resolved is the amount of money that you actually have that is available for property development, and it’s not that you don’t actually have any money.

This is a very important differentiation.

In my YouTube video below (click on the image), I have described the problem and a number of solutions which I think you will find handy.

After watching the video I’m sure that you can see there are a number of ways that you can BE a property developer, not without any money, but in other ways that do not require you from have millions.

The proviso to undertaking any of the strategies I mentioned is always to learn how to BE a property developer first. If you don’t know how, then don’t try, as the result is likely to be woeful.

Wherever or however you use money to undertake property development projects, remember that your reputation is critical to building a profitable business as a property developer. Always act ethically. Property developers already have a bad name, which I disagree with generally speaking, so don’t add to that false view of some members of the public.

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