The Property Development Sequence Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the importance of selecting a particular market to focus upon for your developments. In Part 2 we look at the location, or area, where you may choose to target for your type of development.

What we do and when we do it is very important to our profit outcome. but nothing is more important than your revenue.

In the YouTube video below (click on the image), I share with you the next part of the sequence and give you a brief overview of how to secure your project’s income. I think you will find this very helpful.

I trust that the video has helped you to refine where you choose to develop.

Property development is simply a sequence of events. In the coming weeks I will share more on the sequence involved in property development.

Property Development Institute is here to help you with your property development education though any one of our courses but probably best of all, we offer a limited number of 12 month mentoring places each year where you get to spend 12 months with a genuine property developer.

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