Before you do anything, do a feaso.

Residual Land Value Calculator

When you are considering whether to search for a potential development site in a particular location, the first thing you may wish to do is a high level feasibility study.

A feasibility study (feaso) helps you determine whether a property might be viable, and if it is, what the likely land value might be.

Our easy to use Residual Land Value Calculator is designed to do just that.

By entering a few high level pieces of information you can determine whether a site might be viable and at what land acquisition price.

This RLV calculator (high level feasibility study) is the perfect way to start your site finding process. Use this calculator to help determine where the best places are for you to canvas.

This calculator saves me a huge amount of time and effort in determining whether it is likely to be viable to search for a suitable development site in a particular area.

Please make use of this FREE resource as much as you wish and bookmark this page for easy access.

There is one very important proviso you must adhere to when using this calculator: DO NOT make an offer to acquire a property with the result you get, you must do due diligence and undertake both a static feasibility study once a landowner is showing interest in divesting and then you must undertake a cashflow feasibility prior to committing to the acquisition of a development site.

Happy site finding!

How to use the Residual Land Value Calculator

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Residual Land Value Calculator
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The above indicates a potential land purchase (residual land value or RLV) that must be compared to the current market value of the subject property.

If the difference between the RLV and the current market is a positive number then the proposed development site may be viable subject to further due diligence.

If the result is a positive number then this is the approximate amount of money greater than the market price that you might pay to acquire the site.

If the result is a negative number then the amount of money you can pay for the site is less than the market price and the land owner is unlikely to sell their land to you for this price.

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